Altrebirre #3: “FAXE Mosaic IPA” by Royal Unibrew

Disclaimer: this was the third beer I’ve uploaded on the @altrebirre account on Instragram and I was strting to jot down sensations, aromas and a panoramic consideration about the drink. I also started to add my Beerhive review summary which I love because it’s a really great graphic overview. It’s still really raw and short but at least I was starting to share some of my thoughts about it. They’re gonna get sooo much more complex with time. Enjoy!

“Faxe Mosaic IPA” by Royal Unibrew
Style: IPA
🇩🇰 Denmark
ALC: 5.7%
IBU: 45

🍻 “Generous amounts of Mosaic hops” they wrote on the can but the hoppiness is overcome by a generic, malty and straw-like taste. Carbonation is strong and sweet residues twinkle in your mouth, not to be expected by the “generous amount of Mosaic hops”. Tiny hints of caramel and flowers.

***All our considerations are subjective, limited to the one bottle/can/glass we drink and are in no way unmistakeable.
***Tutte le nostre considerazioni sono soggettive, limitate alla bottiglia/lattina/bicchiere che beviamo e in nessun modo inconfutabili.

by @marcodelrio1610 on Untappd, Ratebeer and Beerhive

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