“When I Was Younger”

the Poem

All the lights go out again
As I pretend to sleep
Though I think about
The words I’d like to say
The day we’ll meet again
In the back of my mind,
Where I make-believe
You never went away
But I’m not as strong
As I used to be;
These wounds
Are too old to heal.

All the lights go out again
And I pretend to care
About the miles you placed
Between us, again.
This sunset feels
Like every other one
As I fool myself
Saying you never left
And I’m not as strong
As I’d like to be
And these scars are getting
Too heavy to wear.

When I was younger
It all was so easy
With all those mirrors
Smiling back at me.

When I was younger
And I didn’t love you
The world was useless
And empty
Like me.

Photo by Lukas Rychvalsky from Pexels


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