“Under A Million Skies”

the Poem

Tonight the moonlight sparkles
Pale and bored
And I’m still trying to forget
My way back home.

Where would we be now
If I had the guts to speak?
Another answer
I’m not sure I wanna hear.

Here I lay
In my mistakes and broken hopes,
A cloud to rest beneath,
A book with a hundred songs.

Who would I become
If I turned the other way?
Not even this approaching storm
Could wash you away.

Here I stand
With all these words, daydreams,
A thousand promises
I couldn’t even keep.

What would you do
If you were to walk in my shoes?
What should I do
To get over you?

All of the oceans dried out
And hurricanes fell asleep
As we stood still
Just a breath away
From each other’s lips.

Under a million skies
Tumbling down
Over everything else,
We’ll be traveling planets
Without taking steps.

So, don’t take a step.

Photo by Fancycrave.com from Pexels


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