“The Day the Empires Burned down”

Empty house.
Am I safe and sound?
Am I far enough?
Am I going down
Like these sleeping pills?
The same stale dream
Won’t keep me up all night.

I can’t put up
With my apathy
By painting shit
On my pale skin
But does it matter now?
Should I get a life?
Like you somehow cared a bit.

Who am I?
What have I become?
Are you listening?
Are you happy now?
Have you ever smiled?
Have you ever loved?
Have you ever felt like this?

I’ve burned my lungs
And you’ve seen the world.
I know by heart
My bedroom walls.
Have I gone too far
Without taking steps?
I’m so sick of these love songs.

Empty mouth.
Am I safe and sound
In this shallow grave
I dug by myself?
Why do I constantly
Sabotage every plan I make?

Turin stares
With a bitter smile
And I’m sure it envies
My grayer skies.
I’m on a losing streak
From the very start,
Before the season even began.

Longing for a goodbye
And I can’t help but cry.
Lined the path back
With ten thousand stones;
I’m sitting, waiting for my turn.
Finding comfort
In a photograph you took
The day the empires burned down.

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com


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