“The Black Sun War”

Say goodbye
To mom and dad,
Kiss your wife,
So long,
There’s no way back.
A bitter smile,
A stolen gun.
The scariest sky
Hosts the blackest sun;
Its eager eyes
Over our heads
Reverberates bright
Among the broken prayers.
An endless plight
Of crooked lives,
The dust’s on fire.
White sheets burn
On open wounds;
The pain’s too much,
Please, call the nurse.
My vision’s blurred,
The distant croons
Of the marching comrades
Makes it worse.
Make it stop
Or let me go,
Let me bleed it out
Besides my fallen pals.
An endless lie,
What have we become?
Limping spiders
As we try and run
But where to go
In this bullet-storm?
This is how we fall,
One by one,
Like old chess pawns
In the Black Sun war.

Under attack.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com


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