“Storms Are Rumbling Away”

the Poem

Like a marching crowd of spiders
These shivers walk towards my neck.
I woke up empty and tear-less,
Smoky pictures crawl in my head.
I’ve wasted another month
Through regrets and cigarettes,
Sitting around with a stale frown
And the words I never said.

I still feel the blade through my ribs
As I’m still gasping for breaths.
I know you never knew a damn thing
Of what I’m still trying to forget,
The sleepless nights, the sins,
The need to cry and laugh
As I’ve been hiding behind these
Rhymes, my favorite mask.

You came so close to destroy the bricks
Of the walls I built around my chest.
You came too close to the realest me
Without even taking a step
And I’ve wasted lives in a dark pit,
Lies in a right speech, I felt dead
And the worst part is that maybe
Somewhere, you do believe I’m dead.

So I fake a smile and pretend to keep
On growing up, drenched in pointless fads;
I paint a smile from ear to ear
And doodle anvils on my notepad.
You could see the salt marks on my cheeks,
You could see the tan lines of my hats
And storms are rumbling away from here,
They leave me dry, anchored to the past.

Photo by Josh Sorenson from Pexels


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