“Pointless Anecdotes Of Love And Bad Luck”

Seventeen: pointless anecdotes of love and bad luck.
Remember when I was too young
To say that my life sucked?
That’s the thing, you said empathy
Would fix my broken heart.
Remember when I showed you I don’t even have one?
Time to check my To-Do List…
Yup, it’s time to lose myself into this plight.

Twenty-three: useless metaphors and frozen sheets.
Remember when I was too blind
To see my dreams fulfilled?
It took me years of incredible hard work
To come back here
And be the fucking lying prick who cannot shed a tear
And sometimes I still wonder
How the fuck I always managed to survive.

Thirty-three: a gleaming silver ring,
A bigger house, I hope.
Remember when I was too proud
To even talk to you about love?
But you stayed here,
Picked up all my pieces from my dirty floor
And how can I be scared
Everytime you walk out of that door
And don’t look back,
There’s a deep canyon ahead but it’s alright.

And sometimes I still wonder
Where you find the strenght
To put up with my apathy, my white lies,
All the silences, the bore;
I would loathe my company,
I can’t cope with the way I seem to be unable
To show care or trust.
I’m an anecdote you tell nobody at all.
Nobody at all.

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com


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