“I’ve Had Enough”

the Poem

I’ve had enough
Of never being good enough
To climb my way up
To your marble pedestal
So as I stand alone
Down here I think of
What you taught me
Without even saying
A single word.

I’ve had enough
Of never being strong enough
To reach for all the things
I’m longing for
Though, now, I know
How to not hate the love
I’ve jealously stashed
In a dusty cellar.

I’ve being waiting
For a thousand years
To see through your grim grin
And the world beyond,
Standing, all alone
With the wrong speeches
And a moth in my palm.

I’ve had enough
Of never being good enough,
I’ve had enough
Of living like a ghost
For realities don’t fit no more
And I’ve had enough
Of letting it all go.

Photo by Steven Arenas from Pexels


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