the Poem

I hated those days
When the river showed me
The face of an evil giant
All alone and weak.
I’ve had a nightmare
There, the crowd was a roar
As another prince
Was slinging a stone.
They all want Goliath
To fall face down,
They all want
To get rid of his smile
As I’m standing tall
In the twilight
Waiting for David
To come rescue his bride.
One by one,
Like shooting stars,
Like raindrops
These celebrities will
Fall to the ground.
A thousand miles
Of torches around
But Sarah’s still safe and sound.
Let them come
A little bit closer,
Let them come
A little bit closer.
All those nights
Wasted on my own
Wishing someone
Could save me
Then, she came,
Saw through the monster
So, prince,
She’s coming home
With me.



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