“Falling Leaves”

Do you mind?
I’m just tryina sleep.
Can you turn the moonlight off a little bit?
D’you hear ‘em too?
Like a marching band, from my neck to my brain,
They just mutter songs
And who am I to shut their mouth up?

And they give me tips on how to handle knives
And how to lurk behind that sleepy young bloke
Walking by with his arrogant face
And I guess they’re right: he’s an enemy.
“Sorry, pal, you have to die now!”

Falling leaves dance in a gloomy scene
As I move the corpse away from the lights.
A crimson pool’s basking in the shades,
Not a cricket cries and all the voices stopped.
But how deep am I gonna bury him?

Then I’m back to bed and I count my change
With a massive smile from ear to ear.
Do you mind?
I’m just tryina sleep
Under moist boxes of some ovens.
I close my eyes and come the voices.

And all at once the earth stops moving as I lay still in front of
What’s left of this broken life I’m holding to
And the falling leaves don’t care about the sins of human race.
All the falling leaves die way before they touch the ground.

DEMO song by Driveway Fall
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com


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