the Poem

Open your eyes,
Tell me you see all of this.
The Earth is crumbling down
Beneath our steady feet.
Can you hear it?
There’s a record
Vanishing away
Replaced by what the thunders say.
A thousand wings
Flapping in the winds
Won’t keep us out of the hurricane.
Trustworthy endless happiness,
Where have you gone?
I got no matches left
And the darkness is a cloak.
Limestone melts
And birch trees bleed
As the thunders, now, scream.
A thousand hands
Reaching for our limbs
Won’t keep us on the surface
Of this sea
As we follow the landslide
‘Till it crashes on the sky
As we fade beyond life
And nothing comes to mind
To stop this downfall
And to enjoy the ride.

Photo by James Frid from Pexels


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